Harnesses and all the usual miscellaneous stuff will be sold in the morning before the horse auction on February 15. Selling a couple boxes of aerosol wound spray, a dental speculum, and a race bike air compressor. Tons of harness, bikes, and useful stuff like gates, hopples, halters, tack chests. Huge consignment of like new stuff! Harnesses, bridles, bits, shadow rolls, boots, blankets, and bandages. Cases of new vet wraps. More pictures to come. Belgian Driving Harness set w 26" collars. Team Driving Harness set for Belgian Drafthorse like new with blinders, and 26 inch collars. To be sold as the last item of the morning sale.

2012 Eclipse slant load trailer in good condition. With title. To be sold after the horse auction. Trailer pictures.